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Therapeutic Massage:  Specific therapeutic techniques to heal and injury or relieve pain in an area of specific need identified by the client.

Swedish Massage:  Long strokes, kneading, and friction techniques that facilitate quieting the mind, relaxing the body, toning muscles, increasing circulation, and improving mental and emotional outlook.

Sports Massage:   For casual and competitive athletes.

       ▪  Stretches and lengthens shortened muscles and reduces spasm.

       ▪  Rejuvenates muscles & speeds recovery.

       ▪  Enhances performance.

       ▪  Prevents injuries

Deep Tissue Massage:  A general category that includes a number of approaches to freeing the body’s systems of myofascial connective tissue through deep manipulation.

Myofascial Therapy  Integrates a variety of techniques designed to manipulate and facilitate movement in the fascia and muscular structure of the body.  Fingers, palms, forearms, and elbows are used in long, slow, gliding strokes to stretch and mobilize the fascia.

Prenatal Massage:   Relieves stress and tension as your body changes, enhances relaxation, provide a sense of well-being, improve circulation, and relieve common discomforts.

Geriatric Massage:  Uses gentle massage techniques to relax the body, quiet the mind, tone muscles, increase circulation and improve mental and emotional outlook.

Hot Stone Massage Basalt Stones of various sizes are warm water soaked, applied to the body’s energy centers and used to massage deep into the muscles to warm, relax and release muscle tension.

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