It starts off perfectly.  Gentle, confident, gliding strokes intelligently seeking out and focusing kind attention on collections of stress and strain.

Your body melting ever so steadily into another, more peaceful and serene reality.  Sounds of tranquility and instrumental play hovering around you, pulling and coaxing thoughts of pain and suffering out and away.  Away. Further and further away.

Until all that is left is a sense of peaceful emptiness where your body and mind are connected by wholesome warmth, a childlike carefree lightness and meaningful wholeness.  Your body, mind and spirit surrounded by a cocoon of soft, protective and caring warmth.

As the strokes become deeper and more focused, you follow the therapist’s experienced hands with your mind, instructing your muscles to yield and relax with each breath. You think to yourself - Breathe - Relaaxx - Breeaatthhee - Reeellaaxx. As you feel your body and mind melt deeper and deeper into a wonderful state of complete relaxation - and you think to yourself this is exactly what I needed. (Author Unknown)

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